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The modern era has seen an explosion in data and imaging technology. Advances in photography, GIS, and satellite imaging aren't cutting edge tech anymore. They're necessities in modern land management services.

Getting access to maps and data is key for the oil and gas industry. Decisions and project management can be left crippled without it. Accuracy in initial analyses provides a solid foundation for exploration projects. MKM has watched this process evolve over 30 years and can meet your data management and mapping needs.

Environmental Impact

We leave the smallest footprint possible. Louisiana is known for wetlands and farming interests. Our GIS modeling integrates with local resources, ecosystems, and best practices. Ongoing maintenance can be streamlined to keep your projects safe and compliant.

Our GIS & Mapping Services

Lease Status Maps

Land survey boundaries color-highlighted by lease status and expiration date


High-accuracy aerials and lidar data

Abstracting Maps

Timely surface rights data for parcels of land and improved asset management