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For over 30 years, MKM & Associates has provided a complete range of land acquisition services for the oilfield industry.

These days, the marketplace moves faster than it has in the past. Accurate and accessible data is key to maintaining a presence in the shifting oilfield industry. MKM aims for excellence in boom or bust times, with an emphasis on the timely and cost-efficient acquisition of leases.



We balance the needs of our clients, property owners, the public, and the environment.  Communication between stakeholders underlies any project.  A successful lease can't happen without diligent customer service and fair treatment. Clients and partners need to be on the same page and have efficient communication. We value our relationships with clients and the wider community and seek to improve them.

Our Acquisition Services

Due Diligence / Curative Services

Looking for pertinent and valuable data in a timely manner

Lease Checks / Mineral Take-off

Seeking an 80% solution factor while focusing on speed and deliverability

State Lease Nominations

Confidential, timely, and accurate