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Pipeline ROW

MKM & Associates has 30 years worth of experience with pipeline services. Finding an oil source is only half the battle. Even the most promising site can be useless if planning or contingencies are not considered. Maintenance, expansion, and accidents are facts of life, not maybes.

Title Searches

Even as technology has progressed, some title research still needs to be done the old-fashioned way. Sometimes you'll need more than an online search to do the task correctly. Identifying ownership interests can require a long period of research, with many physical trips needed to find accurate records. This is not counting pressing deadlines or the difficulties in confirming ownership.

MKM believes in correctly identifying 100% of the ownership interests upfront. This prevents headaches down the road and saves your time and money.

Our Pipeline Services

Abstracting & Title Research

Abstracts of title for attorney review in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Montana


Mineral History

Texas Railroad Commission research & Louisiana SONRIS research

Expert Testimony

Offering industry-wide testimony for land, seismic, and environmental issues